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7 Dec, 2012

Christmas Donation 2012

Every year the staff and owners of Loipart donate the funds reserved for Christmas cards and presents to charity.


The staff and owners of Loipart would like to send you our warmest Season´s Greetings!

 We thank you for your cooperation during the year and hope that we can continue also during 2013.

 Loipart AB in Sweden and its subsidiaries Loipart LLC in USA and Loipart SEA Pte in Singapore deliver high quality galley and laundry equipment, spare parts and service to marine customers in 64 different countries around the world.

We would very much like to send each and every customer and partner a special gift as a thank you for the cooperation but as you can imagine finding a present that suits everyone is quite a demanding task.

So instead of receiving a Christmas card or a package from us we sincerely hope that you appreciate our choice to donate the funds to charity where they are desperately needed.

This year we are supporting Mercy Ships, an international organization which provides free surgery and medical care in developing nations where people lack access to even basic health care.

The organization also partners with local communities to improve health care, offering training and advice, materials and hands-on assistance.

Since 1978 they have performed over 61.000 life changing operations for patients regardless of gender, race or religion.

Loipart´s donation goes directly in the galley of their hospital ship, Africa Mercy, in order to make sure they can also provide the patients and the crew with nutritious meals which help them in their healing process.

 We encourage you to read about Africa Mercy´s current project in Guinea and the amazing work performed daily by the crew and voluntaries at

We wish you and your families a great Holiday Season and a Successful Year 2013!