S/S Hot Cupboard

Article number: 1692800001S

Sliding doors. Adjustable intermediate shelf. Dim. 1200x650x900 mm

Frequence (Hz)50-60
Loading (kW or KG/H (Steam))1,6 kW
Above Fit Floor200
Max Amps in Phase6
Height (mm)900
Width (mm)1200
Depth (mm)650
Weight (net)106
Weight (gross)120
IP ClassX4
Shipping Volume0,8 m³
Heat Emission0,6 kW
 Self-supporting construction
 Stainless steel 18/10 (AISI 304)
 Low exterior temperature
 Hot top/alt. insulated top
The standard version of the hot cupboard with sliding doors has a smooth, insulated, stainless steel top, but is also available with a non-insulated, hot top. The self-supporting frame consists of a stainless steel front, back and sides, coated on the insides, sides, bottom and supports with stainless steel. The round, sturdy stainless steel legs are 200 mm high and can be adjusted ±50 mm. The cupboard is equipped with removable sliding doors.
The hot cupboard with sliding doors is equipped on the inside with double racks on height-adjustable stainless steel guides.
The hot cupboard is effectively heated by the well-dimensioned PTC element, with a fan which distributes the heat evenly throughout.
The temperature is regulated by means of an adjustable thermostat within a range of +30°C to +120°C, displayed on an analogue thermometer.
The hot cupboard with sliding doors is equipped with a multi-pole main circuit-breaker located on the front of the panel.
The cupboard can be equipped with a single or double serving shelves, fitted with halogen lamps which provide both lighting and heating.