Combi Oven Air-O-Steam 6

Article number: 268240

Capacity: 6 GN1/1. Features cycles for convection, steam, mixed, regeneration, cook & hold, low speed , low power and hot air. Built-in cleaning system. S/S execution. Supplied with one tray rack, 65 mm pitch. Dim. 898x845x848 mm

Frequence (Hz)60
Loading (kW or KG/H (Steam))10,1 kW
Above Fit Floor170
Capacity30 kg
Height (mm)848
Width (mm)891
Depth (mm)845
Weight (net)132
Weight (gross)145
IP ClassX5
Shipping Volume0,76 m³
Heat Emission2,53 kW
Cold Water SupplyG3/4
DrainR 1 1/4" M
Pressure (bar)1,5 - 2,5
Spare Part ProposalRSP/149
Air-o-steam, the Electrolux convection steamers range, blends tradition with the latest technological research in order to satisfy the creativity and working requirements of today’s professional kitchen. The air-o-steam range offers a choice of different models available in two levels of operation, providing a high degree of automation and an extensive range of accessories. The air-o-steam combi is designed to form complete cook&chill systems together with air-o-chill blast chillers/freezers.
• Stainless steel 304 throughout, with seamless joints in the cooking cell.
• Double thermo-glazed door equipped with drip pans to catch condensation and prevent it from becoming slippery.
• Halogen lighting in the cooking cell.
• Access to main components from the front panel.
• Automatic scale diagnosis system.
• IPX5 water protection.
• Air-o-steam ovens meet IMQ safety requirements.
• Convection cycle (max. 300 ºC).
• Steam cycle (max. 130 ºC).
• Combi cycle (max. 250 ºC).
• Control of either the cooking time or the product’s core temperature through a single-sensor probe.
• Regeneration cycle.
• Fan speeds: full, half speed and HOLD.
• Electronically controlled exhaust valve to extract the humidity excess.
• Low power cycle.
• Automatic cleaning system (Air-o-clean).
• Quick cooling.
• Automatic steam generator water draining with an automatic scale diagnosis system.
• By-pass technology: controls the humidity degree of the oven atmosphere in combi and regeneration cycles.
• air-o-flow: blows fresh air from outside through the bi-functional fan, which pulls the air in from the backside of the oven after it is pre-heated.-o-flow: blows fresh air from outside through the bi-functional fan, which pulls the air in from the backside of the oven after it is pre-heated.
• Single-sensor food probe.

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