Bain Marie Unit FX11H, 1125mm

Article number: 321010M

Capacity: 3 x GN1/1-200. Glass overshelf with lighting. Foldable tray slides. S/s execution.

Frequence (Hz)60
Max Amps in Phase10 (fuse)
Length of Electric Connection Cables2 m
Capacity3 x GN 1/1-200
Height (mm)1300
Width (mm)1125
Depth (mm)1060
Weight (net)80
Weight (gross)115
Shipping Volume1,4 m³
The bain marie unit has panels made of 304 AISI stainless steel (beech wood, cherry wood, walnut and other personalization are available as special), two tilting tray slides, marine feet and  hinged doors.
The bain marie unit is ideal for the keeping of hot food in GN containers.
• 304 AISI stainless steel top with rounded edges.
• Tempered glass overshelf with cold lights included for an elegant and safe presentation of the food.
• Well in 304 AISI stainless steel with drain hole and pipe and with rounded corners to facilitate cleaning operations.
• The well dimensions allow the storage of
1/1 GN containers or various combinations of containers, all with a maximum height of
200 mm.
• Endowed with high-speed heaters reducing pre-heating time (15% less than standard heaters).
• Electronic overheating safety.
• Thermostatically controlled temperature can be set from +60°C to +90°C, at ambient temperature, following HACCP rules.
• The cupboard on the operator side has hinged stainless steel doors.
• The two tray slides are constructed in plain 304 AISI stainless steel and can be folded down to facilitate passage of the units through doorways.
• Mounted on 150 mm marine feet (optional tilting plinth can be installed to cover feet).
• Complies with the standards required by the main international approval bodies and is CE marked.