Plate Dispenser Unit Heated FX04H

Article number: 321013M

Capacity: 2 x 50 plates with diameter 200-280 mm. Foldable tray slides. S/s execution.

Frequence (Hz)50/60
Loading (kW or KG/H (Steam))0,7 kW
Length of Electric Connection Cables2 m
CapacityCa 2 x 50 plates
Height (mm)900
Width (mm)450
Depth (mm)1060
Weight (net)45
Weight (gross)50
Shipping Volume0,4 m³
Spare Part ProposalRSP/396
The plate dispenser has panels made of 304 AISI stainless steel (beech wood, cherry wood, walnut and other personalization are available as special), two tilting tray slides, marine feet and hinged door/s.
• The dispenser is made of stainless steel quality AISI 304 and intended for heating, storing and distribution of plates in ergonomic height.
• 304 AISI stainless steel top with rounded edges.
• Adjustable for two plate diameters - Ø 180-260 mm.
• Adjustable guides hold the height of stacked plates ca. 100 mm above the top.
• The cupboard on the operator side has hinged stainless steel doors.
• The two tray slides are constructed in plain 304 AISI stainless steel and can be folded down to facilitate passage of the units through doorways.
• Single mantled heated model. The temperature is controlled by a digital thermostat. Connection cord with plug is included.
• Mounted on 150 mm marine feet (optional tilting plinth can be installed to cover feet).
• Complies with the standards required by the main international approval bodies and is  CE marked.