Blast Chiller/Freezer 7kg

Article number: 726659

Self-contained. Right hinged door. Capacity: 5 x GN1/1. Single sensor core probe included. Dim. 762x700x850 mm

Frequence (Hz)50
Loading (kW or KG/H (Steam))0,831 kW
Above Fit Floor31
Max Amps in Phase10 (fuse)
Length of Electric Connection Cables3 m
CapacityChilling: 12,5kg, Freezing: 7,2kg
Height (mm)850
Width (mm)762
Depth (mm)700
Weight (net)95
Weight (gross)110
IP Class21
Shipping Volume0,55 m³
Heat Emission1,7
Cooling MethodBuilt-in compressor
Blast chiller/freezer reduces the temperature of cooked food from +90°C to +3°C in less than 90 minutes and down to -18°C in less than 4 hours, which does not allow bacterial growth. 
• Soft Chilling (Air temperature –2°C).
• Hard Chilling (Air temperature –20°C).
• All the probe-driven cycles feature ARTE
• Holding at +3°C
• Turbo cooling
• Automatic recognition of the insertion of the food probe
• The control unit provides several operating settings.
• Single sensor core probe as standard.
• The control unit provides two large displays to read out.
• Two customizable cycles (P1 & P2) for each operating mode, allowing to set the time and air temperature.
• All information related to the different operating models are recorded.
• An audible alarm starts when the cycle ends or terminates abnormally.
• Chilling times can vary according to food quantity, density, moisture contents and type of containers.
• Internal and external finishing in 304 AISI stainless steel and back panel in galvanized steel.
• High density polyurethane insulation, 60 mm thickness, HCFC free.
• Environmentally friendly: R404a as refrigerant fluid.
• Developed and produced in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory.
• Inner cell with fully rounded corners.
• Door equipped with removable magnetic gasket with hygienic design.
• Motors and fan waterproof protected.
• Evaporator with anti-rust protection.
• Ventilator (fan) swinging hinged panel for access to the evaporator for cleaning.
• Automatic heated door frame.
• Thermostatic expansion valve to optimize the cooling unit efficiency.
• No water connections required.
• Waste water can be plumbed into drain, but can also be collected in an optional waste container.
Certified guarantees: fitness for cleaning, thermal performance.