Roller Conveyor. 90 degree

Article number: 865011S

Dim. 1545x1545x910 mm. Stainless steel square 40X40 mm tubular stand with adjustable marine feet.

Height (mm)910
Width (mm)1545
Depth (mm)1545
Some Electrolux dishwasher models can perform to their full potential, if combined with the Electrolux Handling System range. The modular system allows to design ergonomic and reliable solutions to handle, transport and sort galley ware, obtaining the most effective flow in the dishwashing room. The wide range contains cord conveyors for trays, manual, motorized and dishwasher driven sorting tables and a variety of roller, slide and cord conveyors for baskets.
• ±50mm adjustable marine feet.
• Units supplied as knock-down.
• Connection to another rack conveyor or the dishwasher  possible on the left or the right.
• Thick welded flanges for sturdy connection between the units.
• Provided with ”key holes” and ”snap on” system for fast and easy installation.
• The drain can be turned 360°.
• Manual rack movement with short rollers.
• Designed for 500x500mm dishwashing baskets.
• Can be equipped with useful accessories like an end-limit switch, guides for racks and under shelves.
• Improved end limit switch for better clean-ability and reliability.
• Smooth surfaces  with polished finish.
• All corners in the bottom of the basin are rounded.
• The sloping bottom of the basin grants a smooth and rapid drainage.
• Basin constructed in AISI 304 1.2 mm stainless steel.
• Two AISI 304 square 40x40mm tubular stands as standard; one fixed in the middle and one movable depending on the location of the conveyor.
• 98% recyclable by weight.
• CFC free packaging.
• Developed and produced in ISO 9001 certified factory.