Gravity Slicing Machine

Article number: 9S0916

Blade diameter 300 mm. Manufactured according to the EEC 2006/42 Machinery Directive. Adjustable slice thickness 0-15mm.

Frequence (Hz)60
Loading (kW or KG/H (Steam))0,2 kW
Length of Electric Connection Cables1200
Height (mm)410
Width (mm)410
Depth (mm)620
Weight (net)19
Weight (gross)24
IP Class55
Shipping Volume0,18 m³
Heat Emission0,2 kW
Noise Level< 70 dB
Spare Part ProposalRSP/36
The slicer has been manufactured according to the EEC 2006/42 Machinery Directives and according to the European Standard EN 1974. The first quality of the anodized aluminium alloy used to manufacture the machine, the accurate processing, the polishing and anodizing treatments guarantee a high qualitative level. A pleasant and solid appearance makes the slicer resistant to corrosion, shock and scratch.
Product holder removable only by positioning the slice thickness control to 0 (zero).
Fixed blade guard to protect the part of the blade which is not used for the cutting operation.
Removable built-in sharpener with fixed protection on the blade.
Electrical protection class IP 55.
Device to stop the blade in case the blade cover handle is loosened.
An independent high performance fan cooled motor guarantees a constant and continuous service.
Inextensible toothed poly-V belt guarantees a noiseless and regular rotation of the blade.
Removable slice deflector for an easy cleaning of the back part of the blade.
Removable end grip in stainless steel.
Removable blade-cover for complete cleaning. Blade in hardened and plated steel to guarantee a perfect cutting and separation of the slice.
Removable product holder to make the cleaning operation easier.
Easily removable end grip in stainless steel for complete cleaning.
The built-in sharpener allows to obtain an accurate sharpening and honing without mistakes and by a simple action.