Refrigerated Showcase, 1200mm

Article number: L12044

Turned model. Upper section with two shelves. Basin with height adjustment.Basin with front shutters on customer's side. Automatic defrosting.

Frequence (Hz)60
Loading (kW or KG/H (Steam))0,52 kW
Max Amps in Phase10 (fuse)
Length of Electric Connection Cables2 m
CapacityGN 1/1 - cupboard: 4 x 200
Height (mm)1500
Width (mm)1200
Depth (mm)650
Weight (net)136
Weight (gross)173
IP Class43
Shipping Volume1,8 m³
Heat Emission1,04 kW
Cooling MediaAir
Cooling MethodBuilt-in compressor
All visible surfaces are made of stainless steel.
The temperature of the attractive transparent display area compartment is adjustable from +6°C to +15°C, when the temperature  in the display area compartment will be between +4°C and +12°C.
The digital thermostat and air circulation enhanced by a fan guarantee steady temperature within the entire cabinet.
All visible surfaces are made of stainless steel.
The air forced cooling of display area shelves can be turned off by a slide even if counter and basin is switched on. The shelves and the basin of the display area compartment are sized to accept GN 1/1 dimensions just like the cold cabinet in the lower compartment.
Each bottom shelve of the bottle basin can be adjusted to different levels and positions.
On the customer’s side of the display compartment there is opening acrylic covers and sliding glass doors on the seller’s side. Customer’s side can be equipped with a solid acrylic glass cover.
The basin of the display compartment is open on the customer’s side. The acrylic covers are available as accessory.
Display compartment is equipped with acrylic basin covers on the customer’s side.
The shelves are effectively lit by unnoticeable LED-profiles. The shelf lights are supplied as standard and a lamp for the basin is available as an accessory.
The door of the lower compartment has a magnetic gasket.
Counters are equipped with 150 mm high adjustable marine feet and lockable handles.
The insulation material and refrigerants are CFC and HCFC free.
The unit is delivered with 2 m cord with plug.