Dishwasher WTM140ERB, R→L

Article number: WTM140EB

Feeding:right to left. Capacity speed 1: 80 racks/hour, capacity speed 2: 140 racks/hour. Power wash zone, final rinse with duo-rinse. Automatic start/stop function. Incl. marine feet.

Frequence (Hz)60
Loading (kW or KG/H (Steam))27,4 kW
Above Fit Floor200
Capacity140 racks/h
Height (mm)1771
Width (mm)1773
Depth (mm)884
Weight (net)368
Weight (gross)468
IP ClassX5
Shipping Volume2,8 m³
Heat Emission20,6 kW
Noise Level< 70 dB
Cold Water SupplyG3/4
Hot Water SupplyG3/4
Drain1 1/2"
Pressure (bar)1,5 - 7
Spare Part ProposalRSP/319
The Electrolux Dishwashing range is produced for customers with the highest conceivable demands for good efficiency, economy and ergonomics for dishwashing operation.
The rack type dishwasher WTM140 has a capacity up to 140 racks per hour with 2 speeds.
The range consists of 2 electrically heated models (feed from left or right) available with or without Energy Saving Device (ESD).
• Solid 3mm square stainless steel sub-frame with bolt-together construction  that can be delivered assembled or in modules to be connected on site.
• Stainless steel wash pumps.
• Brass inlet valves as standard.
• All rear positioned water tubes in stainless steel
• Only one cable for electrical connection.
• Electrical and water connections centralized in one area
• Service from the front and from the side.
• Prearrangements for automatic detergent dispenser, energy management device and HACCP implementation. 
• Power wash zone where all the soil is removed with
Maximum Water contact wash arms.
• Rinse area equipped with the DUO-rinse system
• Atmospheric boiler combined with the rinse booster pump for perfect rinsing performances in terms of sanitation, energy saving, independence from the water pressure on the network.
• Incorporates non-return (air gap class A) valve.
• Can be equipped with a drying zone for fast and efficient drying (optional extra).
• The rinse & wash tank is pressed with completely rounded corners and sloping base to facilitate cleaning.
• Smooth surfaces. Main internal components made in 304 AISI stainless steel as well as the external panels.
• Easy removable ash arms and double tank filter (flat and deep box)
• Height adjustable stainless steel feet.
• Self-draining wash pumps provide maximum hygiene.
• Hinged flap for easy access to the energy saving condenser unit.
• Large balanced inspection doors for easy access to wash area.
• Self-cleaning cycle in pre-wash, wash & rinse zones.
• Automatic start/stop function.
• Simple electric control panel.
• Counter balanced door withsafety switch and easy to grip handle.
• Built-in rinse water heater to increase the temperature of the final rinse water.
• Electronic control panel with autodiagnostic check control.
• 35mm thickness foam injection insulated doors
• 98% recyclable by weight.
• CFC free packaging.
• Low noise level <70dBA.

Drain Kit. Article number: 864150

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